Fasting Diet

Who says that during fasting, you can not continue to run the routine diet? It is precisely this opportunity to actually utilized. How?

• Many people try to fast in a short time to start healthy eating patterns. There also are reducing the amount of food. Diet in the month long fasting properly supervised, can be an effective solution to lose weight.
• Drink at least 7 to 10 glasses a day. Try when you are not fast, not far away from mineral water. The problem is, the water is very useful for removing toxins and chemicals in the body useless.
• Look for alternative activities of the fasting and meal periods. Do not get too crazy eating all the food. Perform regular fasting. For two to three days if you follow the suggestion, the diet you are going to show results.
• When breaking the fast, you should not directly consume heavy food. Remember, you must refrain! Berbukalah with a light meal. Wait some time to ensure that your body reacts well to the food and then eat normally.
• Do not forget to consume vegetables and fruits that contain lots of vitamins. Thin may be, but not healthy skinny malnourished.


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I have tried fasting diet, Fruits and veggies were big help. Thin but healthy!!

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aliena josph said...

But as is always the case with anything that sounds too good to be true, there’s a downside – and in this case, it’s eating very little on the days in between.

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