Fasting Diet

Who says that during fasting, you can not continue to run the routine diet? It is precisely this opportunity to actually utilized. How?

• Many people try to fast in a short time to start healthy eating patterns. There also are reducing the amount of food. Diet in the month long fasting properly supervised, can be an effective solution to lose weight.
• Drink at least 7 to 10 glasses a day. Try when you are not fast, not far away from mineral water. The problem is, the water is very useful for removing toxins and chemicals in the body useless.
• Look for alternative activities of the fasting and meal periods. Do not get too crazy eating all the food. Perform regular fasting. For two to three days if you follow the suggestion, the diet you are going to show results.
• When breaking the fast, you should not directly consume heavy food. Remember, you must refrain! Berbukalah with a light meal. Wait some time to ensure that your body reacts well to the food and then eat normally.
• Do not forget to consume vegetables and fruits that contain lots of vitamins. Thin may be, but not healthy skinny malnourished.


Bad Breath When Fasting? It's Not Anymore!!!

Fasting month this time, we reveal how to kick the bad breath is not diligently brushing your teeth or gargle with mouthwash solution, but with food. Choosing natural foods at break time or at dawn, can combat bacteria, eroded plaque, strengthen enamel and create fresh breath is the best way to protect teeth. Here their...

1. Apples and carrots
Chewing apples or carrots can also help reduce bad breath. Can be done at sunset or dawn

2. Green Tea
Green tea contains active substances called catechins that can kill bacteria in the mouth, and remove the sugar from the plaque and eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath. Drink 2 to 5 cups of green tea a day is a good thing, whether it's pure tea and existing other mixture.

3. Cheese
Decades of research shows that the cheese is low in carbohydrates and high in calcium and containing phosphate, can provide benefits to the teeth. Cheese can protect tooth enamel and produce saliva (saliva) and kill the bacteria causing tartar and gum disease.

4. White Water
Drinking water will keep the gums are always in wet conditions and is the best way to stimulate saliva. Rinse out his mouth to help remove dirt trapped on the sidelines of the teeth, causes bad breath. While fasting, still try to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

5. Acidophilus yogurt (a probiotic food groups)
Eat yogurt or acidophilus every day taking acidophilus supplement, or probiotic foods (the dose should be consulted first with a nutritionist) can help maintain digestive health. With smoothness digestive system, mouth odor can be inhibited.

So who said that fasting should always be synonymous with bad breath?


Tips For Healthy Fasting

1. Try regular Sahur and berbuka.

2. Balanced menu, 50-60 percent carbohydrate, 10 protein
20 percent, 20-25 percent fat,enough vitamins and
minerals from vegetables and fruits. Beside that, enough
fiber from vegetables to make the big move.

3. Enough fluids, 7-8 glasses a day. Consists of 3 glass
sahurtime and 5 glass from berbuka until before bed.
10% after Shalat Tarawih,40% at the time sahur.

4. Try when berbuka with the fast food lines such as food or drink sweet as compote of
bananas,dates, or sweet tea. Sweet foods contain simple carbohydrate that will be easily
absorbed and immediately increase the sugar blood. After Shalat Magrib, eat food
supplement which consists of rice or chicken / fish / meat / tempe / vegetables and fruit.

5. After Shalat Tarawih, snack can take from bread or fruit. Sahur is very important,
because sahur does not make fasting a good heavy feel.

6. Sahur dish the same as berbuka, but the feed is smaller. It is advisable to eat with high
protein content, in order to leave the stomach much longer. In addition digestion and
absorption is also much longer than the food value high karbohidrat, so fast does
not feel hungry.

7. When sahur a glass of milk can be added, especially for children and adolescents. In the adults
can drink milk without the fat. Multivitamin and mineral supplements may be consumed at
the time of sahur, to increase stamina and endurance body.

8. If can not eat sahur in the form of rice, the rice may be replaced with the bread and contents
or havermouth pulp, plus a glass of milk. When you can not eat rice or bread, can drink a glass
of milk with calorie fruit.

Have A Nice Fasting....

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