Food Options For Prevent Acid Muscle Disease (Gout Arthritis)

Acid muscle disease (Gout Arthritis) sometimes very harrowing sufferer. Pain due to cumulation at pivot acid can disrupt the nerves comfort and day-to-day activities.

In addition to the consumption of drugs, whether the sedative drugs and muscle acid level controller, the selection of food types have an important role to control this disease.

Type of food that should be avoided by people with acid strand are:

1. Seafood such as shrimp, crab, mussel, and oyster, squid.
2. Beverages that contain alcohol, such as tape, beer, palm wine bitter, etc..
3. Foods such as sardine cans, cornet cows, etc..
4. Viscera such as intestine, liver, spleen, tuberculosis, brain, heart, kidney,
5. Some types of fruits such as jack fruit, avocado, young coconut water, etc.
6. Meat broth,

Type of food that can be consumed in a little amount of:

1. Tofu and tempe.
2. Fish, mutton, chicken, beef.
3. Some specific types of vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and bean sprouts,
papaya leaves, asparagus, beans, mushrooms.
4. Fatty foods such as milk, Margarine, butter, or frying food. Fat can prevent
the acid strand through urin.

Type of food that can be consumed is:

1. Cheese, milk, eggs.
2. Food sources of carbohydrate such as rice, potatoes, cassava, corn, tapioca,
hunkwe, macaroni, noodles, bread, and biscuits. However, the fructosa simple
carbohydrate such as sugar, candy, sweet, Arum, and syrup should be avoided
because fructosa acid can increase the fiber content.
3. Fruits such as watermelon, melon, pineapple, sweet star fruit, rose apple and
water. Other fruits can also be eaten except jack fruit and avocado.

Addition of fiber is recommended for acid drink a lot, at least 2 liters or 10 glasses a day, aiming to help the acid strand through urine acid and prevent the cumulation in the renal nerves or bladder. This water can be a white cooking water, tea, or coffee.


Tips Prevent Swine Flu

Outbreak of swine flu that worried the international community. Although dangerous, this disease can be prevented. Not to worry, here are tips to prevent all types of flu and respiratory illness that is spread from human to human.

Tips first and easiest is diligent hand washing with soap and water several times a day. "No one is able change importance of washing hands," said a statement from the ASEAN Secretariat Team of One for Health (ASEC ONE-Health) in their official site, on Tuesday (28 / 4).

Avoid too often touching eyes, nose, or mouth. Flu viruses are often spread when someone touches the surface of the bacteria contamination, and touching the eyes, nose, and mouth respectively.

If there are reports of flu outbreaks, while avoiding first to shake hands and kiss other people. Avoid public places if you get sick, to prevent the spread of disease to other people. Do not forget to close the mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, it can also prevent spread of the virus.

"If you do not have a tissue or handkerchief, cough or sneeze close to the sleeve, do not use your hands to cover. Dispose of tissue in the trash and use masks to protect people around," continued tips ASEC-ONE Health.

As much as possible, try to keep distance with them healthy, so you will not infect. It is a good idea if you familiarize oneself with healthy lifestyles. Avoid smoking, sleep enough, exercise enough, manage stress, drink lots of water and consumption of healthy food that nutrition.

In connection with the flu infecting pigs in several countries, avoid traveling to countries that reported cases due to new variants of H1N1 virus. If sick, do not use the aircraft or other public transportation.

"If you get sick after visiting the country to report bird flu pigs, report it immediately to the nearest medical officer. Listen to the health authority in each place," he added. Most important, always follow the latest developments of bird flu outbreaks and medical action suggested by the local health authority.


Preventing Cervix Cancer (Neck Womb)

Many ways that can be done to prevent the occurrence of womb cancer. Here are some tips-tricks you can do to prevent the occurrence of cancer risk in the womb.

1. Avoid smoking

This warning is most important for women smokers. In addition to causing disease in the lungs and heart, uterus nicotine in cigarettes can also cause cancer cervix (neck womb). Nicotine facilitate all mucous cells into the body to react or inflame, both on mucosa throat, lungs, also cervix.

2. Washing vagina

Vagina washing habits can cause cancer cervix, good physic vagina deodorant and antiseptic. Douching or washing cause irritation in the vagina cervics. Excessive irritation and too often the change will stimulate the cells, which eventually turn into cancer. We recommend washing vagina with chemicals is not done routinely unless there are indications, for example, infection of the need washing with chemical substances and substance-up advice doctor.

3. Sprinkle powder

Sprinkle baby powder on the area of redness or itching is a dangerous action. Use of the vagina talk fertile-age women can trigger occurs ovarium cancer (ovary). At the age of fertile ovulasi and often occur at the time ovulasi going injured in the ovarium. Talk to incoming particles will stick to the wound and stimulate the wound to be changed the nature of cancer.

4. Low-fat diet

The incidence of cancer is closely associated with the pattern of eating someone. Women who consume lots of fat will be far more exposed to the risk of cancer endometrium (the body of the womb) because the fat producing hormone estrogen. Endometrium cells that are frequently exposed to hormone estrogen is easily changed into cancer cells. To prevent the occurrence of endometrium cancer, should avoid high fatty foods and start consuming healthy food and fresh.

5. Lack of vitamin C, beta caroten and acid folat

Vitamin C, beta and caroten origin folat can improve or strengthen mukosa cervix. Lack of vitamin C, beta caroten and origin folat can evoke cervix cancer. Beta caroten many there are in carrots, vitamin C in fruit color orange, while the acid folat in seafood.

6. Sex too early

Sex ideally be done after a woman is completely cooked. Not only the size of maturity he has seen from menstruation or not. But it also depends on the maturity cells mucosa that there is membrane skin in the body cavity. Generally, cells mucosa after new mature woman aged 20 years and over. A woman who has sex at the age when young people most prone to be under the age of 16 will be at risk of suffering from cancer because cervix cells mucosa on cervix immature.

6. Flit pair

Cervix cancer can also result because often flit pair. When the pair take turns, this is associated with the possible contagious venereal disease, one of which is the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). This virus will change the cells on the surface mucosa to split into more that eventually become cancer cells.

7. Late marriage

Women who marry late or not even be exposed to cancer risk ovarium and endometrium cancer because the ovulasi without pause so that any stimulus to the endometrium occurs continuously. As a result, can make cells in the endometrium so changed the nature of cancer. The same risks facing any married woman does not want to have a child.

8. Use of estrogen

The risk of the same will happen to women who delayed menopause due to the stimulus endometrium more longer, so endometrium will more often exposed to hormone estrogen. Use of hormone estrogen is a risk because estrogen stimulates the endometrium wall become thick and stimulate cells endometrium so that the changed nature into cancer cells. We recommend the use of estrogen hormone must control over the doctor.


Benefits Of Lemon

Here I attach 7 benefit lemon and its savor;

1. Split lemon into 2 parts and scrub on the skin face and body
skin, the skin becomes smooth and white can be a soft hand.

2. If lime is mixed with warm water and drink every morning,
make your voice be fluty health besides making your skin very

3. Can make the pore-pore skin fat, and took off on the skin oily.

4. Keeping your body weight and ensure the stability trimness body.

5. If you want a sparkler hair, wash your hair with lemon mixture, the hair becomes
smooth and lustrous.

6. Killing of the dandruff, use lime juice and let wipe for 20-30 minutes and after
that shampoo, the head does not dandruff again.

7. Ditch itchy itchy throat-cure cough and cold, use lime juice and a few whiting.

Please try and enjoy the savor.


Preventing Dental Perforated

To prevent the occurrence of holes in the teeth, you can perform the following steps:

* Check the teeth regularly

Visit the dentist every 6 months even if you do not feel the toothache.
This is necessary so that doctors can detect the small hole that occurred in the tooth and can be immediately so that the hole is not large. Can also detect the tooth that is not flat or hollow that can cause the teeth difficult to clean.

* Brush teeth regularly and in a timely manner

Morning after breakfast and dinner, before bed is a great time to brush teeth.
Saliva does not leave much time on our bed, so the teeth will be damaged if you
leave food residue on the teeth without brush it. Saliva is useful for
protect bacterial cause of dental tooth hollow.

* Brush teeth the right way

Despite brush teeth regularly has been done but if done in a way that is not
correct, the result will not be maximum. The correct way is to wipe down to the
tooth for front (incisor) the top, brush the teeth towards the top to the bottom
of the front teeth and brush for the flat molar. Molar tooth brush should be
longer, because the teeth on this potentially stuck leftover food.

* Rinse after meals

Brush the teeth is not possible after we eat, the best way is rinse-kumur so that
the rest of the food does not stick and continue to reduce the acid in the teeth.

* Use dental floss to remove food residue

The remaining food is left behind, should not be issued using the toothpick. Use
toothpick can cause a rift between the larger adjacent teeth can cause sores on
the gum.

* Select a toothpaste containing fluoride

Using a toothpaste containing fluoride. This substance is one maker of email
services. The existence of these substances can prevent contamination in the teeth.

* Eating food that filamentous

Consume vegetables or fruits can make sure the teeth stronger and prevent the
occurrence of perforated teeth.

* Reduce foods that contain sugar and flour

When this type of food left behind on the teeth and the bacteria will cause the
acid to create a hollow tooth.

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