Benefits of Apple Fruit

Apple has the womb many vitamins, minerals and other elements such as fitokimian, fiber, tanin, baron, acid Tartars, and other. Substance this is a very needed for our bodies to prevent and cope with various diseases. For more, will be discussed about what the apple in the fruit? And what are the benefits of apple fruit?


Apple fruit is rich in vitamin contents. Some of the vitamins found in fruits such as apples vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin C.

Rich mineral

Apple fruit contains many minerals. Minerals in apple fruit, among others, calcium, magnesium, potatium, iron, and zinc.


Apple fruit also contains fitokimia. Fitokimia the antioxidants to fight free radicals that come from pollution or the surrounding environment. This substance is also working to push the amount of bad cholesterol (LDL), which can cause stoppage of blood vessel.

Rich Fiber

Fiber-rich apples, so good for people who are in a diet program. This is because the high fiber prevents hunger come so much faster.

Fiber to reduce fat and cholesterol

Apple fruit contains fiber which is useful binding fat and bad cholesterol in the body to be removed next.


Apple fruit also has tanin womb. Tanin is a substance that works to clean and freshen the mouth, which can prevent damage to teeth and gum disease.


In apple fruit baron there. Whether the baron? Baron works to maintain the amount of estrogen in the body of a woman.


One of the uterus apple fruit is good for prevant disease is flavoid. Flavoid is a substance that functions reduce the risk of cancer.

D-glucaric acid

Whether D-glucaric acid is? D-glucaric acid is a substance that can lower cholesterol level. D-glucaric acid is also found in apple fruit.


Quercetin is a substance needed to increase the degree antioxidants so that the body feels more healthy and prevent diseases. Fruit apples contain substances quercetin.

Acid Tartars

In an apple, a sour Tartars. Tartars acid that can make healthy digestive channel, because this substance is able to kill bacteria in the alimentary tract.

See the many elements of health that can be used, of course we can try to consume one apple every day.


10 Tips Prevant Headaches

The facts: Headaches infecting nearly 90% of men and 95% Women

Headaches have several types and can be identified, because of migraine headaches, sinus and tension.

1. Don't read while back, the position of supine posture during sleep is not very good when read, most people read the fact before sleep.

2. While reading back a requirement for you, then place the stack at least 2 of the pillow you.

3. Put on lights when you read, the bright lights is important, especially when doing activities such as hand embroidery, sewing, writing, and others.

4. The light should come from the back of the head not from the front of the eye.

5. Should not read too close to the eye, because it will cause muscle tension auto-eye, the distance ideally book with a chest.

6. Should not read too far,square chest level with the book.

7. If you are having difficulties in reading should consult with the ophthalmologist, because of the vision is the biggest cause of headaches.

8. Careful with the font size on the books, not too big or too small.

9. Do not read when in a vehicle, most people reading when the vehicle ride, as bend, the road-wave cause headaches.

10.Ray source from the TV lights and computer is not enough light, the lamp should turn on as additional rays.


Tips Stomach Which

Many people are not satisfied with the form that he had stomach. Even those who are already slim often complain that the stomach feel full, and "bloated" and are sometimes visible bubble. Most of the stomach bubble is the primary factor trick diet and lifestyle. Here are some ways to flatten:

Drinking water

If the pregnancy is caused by stomach storage of water, you can actually reduce the problem with drinking more water. This will dilute the concentration of sodium in the body thereby increasing the amount of water out of the system. Drinking more water also ensure effective function of bile to remove waste products. Do not change water consumption during the diet as many of the difficult digested and can cause stomach bubble.

Eat slowly

Avoid fast food, because when you swallow too quickly, at least, the air in the intestine and restrained form of gas that could trigger inflation stomach. Always sit down when eating and chewing the food slowly. Food that is not chewing into small parts can not be completely digested, which then produces many gases that cause inflation.

Reduce consumption of salt

Too much salt in the diet extra add sodium to the body fluids so that the slow mechanism to encourage water out of cells. As a result, stomach feels full and protuberant.

Consumption of fiber right

Fiber is important element in the diet, but to compensate for the storage of water that causes inflation, eat fiber in fruits such as apple and pear with a lot of water contents.

Watch treatment

Stomach that is the side effects of drug consumption. Aspirin sometimes causes stomach problems and constipation that trigger inflation, including the contraceptive pill.

Avoid constipation

Constipation is defined as having fewer than three times defecate in a week or if the tension involved. As a result of stomach feels swell. To stimulate bowels, increase consumption of fiber from fruits and vegetables, do be gradual to avoid fermentation and gas production is excessive.


Sports will help move the fluid in the stomach can cause stomach with large encouraged out of the network and enter the blood stream where will be out as sweat or brought to the bile for issued as urine. Sports, among others, suggested that aerobic.


Create a Busy Women's Sports

You certainly want to have a body which is always healthy. And healthy body to get the most appropriate way is to exercise. Taking the time to exercise sometimes difficult to do. Moreover, for women workers like you who is always busy.

However, do not make the occupation as an excuse not to exercise. Sports such as light walking you can actually do in between the day-to-day routines. You only need to plan only. Here's how you stay so healthy in the midst of the rush of walking.

Select a detour

If you choose is usually the fastest way to the office, start now choose to play that way. It will force you to walk. Try walking every day for 20-30 minutes, or approximately 3000 - 5000 steps. Will many calories you burn. Auto, the body becomes more healthy.

Always take your shoes sport

Save your gym shoes in the baggage car loker or in the office. So, when enough time to spare, you can go directly to the sport. Invite your friends to exercise together. It may make you become the spirit of sport.

Run time using the mobile phone

Talking on the phone of course you have time in the office or at home. When talked on the phone with clients, not only dwell in the place where you sit. Do while running. Use the earphone if you are not comfortable attaching a mobile phone too long in the ear. Try around the room. Unwittingly, the activities are almost the same as jogging around the house.

Walking with a dog or cat pet

According to research in Canada, someone who keeps a dog walking on average 300 minutes per week. While that does not have a dog run only 168 minutes per week. By playing with pet animals can make your exercise unconsciously.

Shopping weekly

Around the alley-alley in supermarkets can be fun sport. Although longer time to get shopping needs, but each time you move, the body can burn calories. This routine can be done. If you usually spend monthly, this time make this event become a weekly shopping. Also bring along a small shop. Ask him to find a snack favorite. You can follow it from behind. You move, the smaller you are also happy to accompany.

Count your steps

Studies conducted at the University of Michigan, United States, the weight of someone walking with the step counter (pedometer) will down more quickly than not. By knowing the number of steps, someone will be more motivated to spirit walk. Moreover, if someone has specific targets, such as by running 3000 - 5000 steps per day. Indeed, it can make someone, or even reach the target.
Happy Trying!


Benefit From Various Vegetables


  • The anemia / anemia red
  • Overcoming fatigue
  • Tighten skin face

  • Prevent the occurrence of various diseases of cancer, especially breast cancer and Prostate cancer
  • Protect against stroke
  • Source of calcium is high
  • Antioxidants
  • Fruit Bits:
  • Increase red blood cell
  • Help cure cancer
  • Improve the body due to interference alcohol / drug

Ginseng leaves:
  • Increase stamina
  • Increase vitality
  • Increasing the concentration
  • Increase the body's immune
  • Helps digestive system
  • The various venereal disease
  • Overcoming tonsillitis
  • Keeping skin mildness
  • Due to the toxic insect bite
  • Drop fever
  • The dehydration / lack of fluid
Mustard Greens :
  • Prevent heart trouble
  • Overcoming interference ulcer
  • Increase the body's immune
  • Overcoming painful menstruation
  • Overcoming painful rheumatism and sore shoulders
  • Tonic-up
  • The headache, toothache
  • Facilitate the respiratory tract (coughs, bronchitis)
  • Overcome difficulties sleeping
  • Overcoming interference skin (Psoriasis, etc.)
  • Improve high blood pressure / hypertension
  • Infection in the blood, allergic

  • Overcome the interference lever
  • Overcoming chronic fatigue
  • Increase appetite

  • Sharpen vision
  • Correcting interference skin, gray hair
  • The heavy metal toxication
  • The joint interference


The Cause of the Excess Carbohydrate Diabetes

The high number of people with diabetes mellitus (DM) in India caused the pattern of a person eating too much carbohydrate mengonsumsi. This was the Head of Center for Studying medicine Nature Materials (PS-OBA) Department of Pharmacy Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Indonesia (UI-FMIPA) Sumali Wiryowidagdo.

According to him, with rice as a staple food, is not strange if this country occupies the fourth position in the highest number of diabetics in the world. Rice contains a lot of glucose in the quantity and excessive glucose is one of the causes of the disease diabetes.

"It has been repeatedly suggested to replace rice with other food as a staple food, but the person we are harder to change kebiasaannya, the" clear Sumali.

It is said, a different pattern of food do people in developed countries. They consume more protein than fat and carbohydrate. Mentioned, the number of diabetics in Indonesia reached 8.5 million people in 2000. After five years one, the number of people estimated to have increased three-fold.

DM disease is a chronic disease with a marked increase in blood sugar because of the lack of insulin or not functioning of hormone insulin in the body.

Insulin function is to transfer the glucose into the blood cells so that glucose can be used as a source of energy. When the hormone insulin does not exist or does not work then there will be a cumulation measure glucose / sugar in the blood.

While the symptoms of diabetes, among others, by the frequency of waste water a small increase, due to weakness interference level cell nutrition levels, keputihan in women who are difficult because the fungus infection, disturbances of vision disturbances nutrition because cells on the eye retina, and other .

In addition, the risk factors that can cause someone is exposed to DM among, from the family genetic factors, excess body weight, smoking, high blood, high cholesterol level, lack of exercise, and increasing age.


Junk food Is Not Good

Pleased to invite the family to eat the food fast food? We suggest that after reading the following will be considered again if frequently invites the family to eat in the restaurant-fast food restaurant.

Behind the inviting feeling addicted to fast food in the food or junk food was a lot of the bad that can be incurred in the future if eat often junk food.

Besides junk food usually contain dense calories, fat and spices with high salinity so that cause taste sensation that is delicious on the tongue. Type of food is not healthy because of fat, calories and other substances-substances that contain exceeds the specified limit. While the composition of a healthy food must be balanced.

If junk food is reaching children and become part of the lifestyle they feared the risk of various diseases will have a spy since early. Such as disease and diseases such as Obesity degeneratif will attack when the adult such as the heart, high blood pressure, diabetes, or other type of serious disease.

Therefore, children should be avoided or not frequently consume. Better still with the actual food and nutritional well-balanced nutrition.

No equilibration

Junk food is called food waste feasible because the value is calculated from the nutrition, food is not balanced. Normal packet portion of fried potatoes for example can contain 500 calories, hamburgers around 500 calories, not to mention the added drink soda when the total calories a food can exceed 2000 total calories.

Average calorie requirement for adult men are on average only 1,900 calories, while children around 1500-1900. Means, one dish meals, not including drink, has been through more than half the calorie needs for children.

Junk food can also contain cholesterol and high sugar. While the uterus essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and minerals thus ignore. Which is feared, junk food likely contain hazardous substances such as preservative and adictif substances that make children addicted.


Parks Sports Is Cheap

You busy at the office and at home of course is very time consuming. In fact, not infrequently a result you will not notice the condition of the body and health.

This is what happens in almost all major cities. People no longer had to pay themselves. Although the sport simply for the light.

But now it's good to give you a little time for themselves. There is no need to sequester a lot of time to be healthy. Fair with light exercise. Including one walk.

Walking is a form of day-to-day activity which is very good for you to stay in shape and maintain weight loss. As said in The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. There are a few suggestions that you may be able to do to try it out.

First, walk and move like you normally do for five minutes, then add the speed so that your heart palpitate faster and more like you need to breathe more. Pertahankan steps like this for 15 minutes. Repeat the heating, such as this in the next five minutes.

Second, always use a strong pair of shoes that bend, and the heel would be used to support the run. During the walk, remember to always swing hands. Walk with the fingers toes facing forward, not sideways to the left or right.

Third, while you walk kencangkanlah stomach, Align the back, and walk with head up, do not resign. Walk quickly with long steps, but make sure you are comfortable with the move.

Well, if this day you will begin to walk?


10 Steps To The Heart Healthy

According to health experts, there are some important things that must be

for you have a high risk of heart disease among other he is:

1. Cholesterol level should be below 200 mg%

2. Always try to measure LDL less than 150 mg%

3. Content trigliserida gained less than 200 mg%

4. Always try to measure HDL above 50 mg%

5. Fasting sugar of less than 120 mg%

6. Sugar 2 hours postprandial (after eating) is not exceed 160 mg%

7. Blood pressure should not exceed 140 mmHg sistole and not to exceed 90 mmHg for diastole.

8. Do not smoke or cigarette smoke in the environment.

9. Can control both the stress (stresspositive).

10. Sport regularly, gradual and measured. (Shouldtype of respiratory like breathing exercises, sports games, etc.).


How To Streamline Body

There are many ways lose weight, ranging from a variety of ways such as diet, exercise, liposuction, needle pin, to take the diet drugs. WHO data indicate that a decrease in body weight that can not be done better instantly, but through long-term therapy.

Needed to reduce the body weight is not simply reduce the portion of food, but they also needed guidance from nutrition expert before eating pattern changes, along with physical activity and behavior therapy.

To find out how to slim healthy, safe, and effective, the following quotation. How to remove the fat that is now the trend is being liposuction operating and tummy-tuck. This operation is selected because a lot of body weight can come down drastically without tired diet and exercise, it has been successful.

Gastric binding instrument that is the "bond side" of the smaller stomach pouch so that we will not eat too much because the body more quickly feel satiated while gastric a temporary by-pass is permanent, the doctor will create a 'road' between the base of the stomach with the intestine smooth so that the food through the stomach but not directly to the small intestine. To perform the second type of action, patients should be aged above 35 years.

And that is the most popular diet, often referred to as a "fad Diets", this method promises a fast decrease in the body, can cure many diseases, encourage the use of supplements, based on a certain time to eat, limit or prohibit certain foods, and only for the long term. Happy trying!


Prevent Wrinkling Create With Tomato

Tomatoes, the lycopene contents of which are able to prevent black spot and wrinkle on the skin due to sunlight. Research from a 80% wrinkle in the human skin caused by sunlight. Lycopene is one of the powerful antioxidants which can reduce the process penuaan early due to sun exposure.

Consume pasta tomato rich in lycopene is able to reduce the dramatic skin damage caused by the sun. Eating tomato paste mixed with olive oil for 10 weeks in addition to your normal ripen. Lycopene is a very powerful antioxidants and powerful weapons in preventing skin damage caused by free radicals.

Add some tomato dishes are cooked in the menu to you, such as spaghetti, pizza, tomato soup or the other. If possible choose a cooked tomatoes than raw. Though raw tomatoes contain lots of lycopene when cooked but then abortion will be increased to 4 times.

Add fresh tomato slices on sandwiches and hamburgers, change in Mayonaise sandwiches and hamburgers with tomato paste then you will get a taste different.

You have a good idea to drink 1 glass of tomato juice every day than the orange. With tomato juice because then you will get the lycopene and vitamin C. If you do not like the tomatoes you can drinks the lycopene supplements but should consult the doctor.

According to experts, add tomatoes to the menu will bring many benefits. Lycopene is also famous savor in the fight against cancer and heart. So, in addition to your facial skin health can also prevent other diseases. Happy trying ..


I Like Coffee

Friends now, at this time to drink coffee is the most tune. At breakfast, at work, when Online (blog for example) and the term arose in the coffee break every official events such as seminars, workshops, meetings, etc.. However, we may often observe what the benefits or negative impact of coffee for the health. At most, we know that after drinking coffee body feels fresh and the feeling of drowsiness disappear. In fact, there is no benefit from drinking a cup of coffee this. What is so special in the eyes of coffee addict. (Including my own). Curious ..? It is a good idea scrutinize summaries below, hopefully you will think it's revealed, and understand why coffee has many fans.

  1. The caffeine in coffee is a chemical substance derived from plants that can stimulate the brain and nervous system. Type of alkaloid caffeine are also known as trimetilsantin.
  2. Caffeine can help you to think more quickly. Try to consume coffee 15 minutes or 30 minutes before you do a job interview or giving a presentation on the boss. The result may be quite tolerable, because the caffeine in coffee that is evidently able to give 'signals' in the brain to respond more quickly and with a fleet of memory in the brain process.
  3. Caffeine prevent tooth hollow. Try to drink a cup of hot coffee as soon after you consume cookies, a delicious chocolate cake, candy or fruit taste sweet piece of bread.
  4. Caffeine reduce suffering headaches. People with migraine in the mild category can be cured with a cup of strong coffee. So, before consuming the medicine used to try heal headache caffeine drink with you.
  5. Caffeine can relieve asthma sufferer breath in a way that bronkial widen the channel connecting the esophagus with tuberculosis.
  6. Caffeine can make the body does not get tired quickly, can do more physical activities, while, in the estimate because the caffeine to make "fuel" used muscle longer.
  7. Caffeine can increase the feeling frisky, make us feel more fresh and energetic. Women who drank two cups or more of coffee per day can reduce the risk of exposure porous bones (osteoporosis).
  8. Coffee can enhance memory and mental appearance, because coffee can stimulate the brain in many areas that can still set the security, excitement, mood and concentration. Adults who drink coffee before the memory test shows a significant growth compared to those who drink coffee without caffeine.
  9. Caffeine can prevent free radical and the molecule that can damage cell DNA.
  10. Caffeine also protect the heart and cancer. (but not for those high-risk heart disease.)
  11. Reducing the risk of diabetes have a
  12. Parkinson rarely found in people who drink coffee regularly. A research conclude this disease is found on the man who does not drink coffee three times more men than it coffee.
  13. Drinking coffee makes sperm "swim" faster and able to increase male fertility. This Brazilian scientists announced in a meeting "American Society for Reproductive Medicine in San Antonio, where the main discussion around the effects of drugs on the fertility of adam.

Unfortunately, the coffee drinking habits often create an effect "addicted" both psychological and physiological. The general dependency of coffee, among others, feeling weary or tired, sleepy and lackluster day if it does not drink coffee. Reasonable drinks coffee is as much as 85 - 200 mg or 1 - 3 cup coffee. Here is the often negative impact caused by drink coffee:
  1. Drinking coffee on the 250 mg at a time can cause health disturbances, such as heart pulse, anxiety, insomnia (difficulty sleeping), nervous, tremor (hands tremble), even nausea and vomiting.
  2. Drinking coffee is also dangerous for people with hypertension (high blood pressure) because the compound caffeine can cause blood pressure rose sharply. In addition, coffee can also increase blood flow to the kidneys due to increased production of urin. So, not surprisingly, if not long after consuming coffee fast full bladder.
  3. Drinking too much coffee can also reduce women's fertility, especially if combined with alcohol. For women the age of menopause, drinking coffee in the number of lots could increase the risk porous bones (osteoporosis).
  4. In the medium dose, caffeine increase stomach acid production which lasts a long time, so that it can increase the risk of stomach disease, stomach tukak, or tukak small intestine. So the people with weak stomach should avoid the consumption of coffee.

The following described things that you need to know for coffee addict :
  • Dose
Indeed, there is no definitive measure for a dose of coffee can be consumed by people. However, most studies reveal that drinking 300 mg caffeine (about 1 to 3 cup of coffee a day) does not give negative effects in most healthy people.
  • Danger signals
When it feels drinks coffee favors, but is often followed by a feeling of guilt of a million. Know the danger signals so that the coffee we need to know when to stop drinking coffee. Danger signals are: anxiety, heart pulse, sleep disturbances and mood disturbances (eg quick-tempered). A coffee drinker stop drinking habits coffee can experience "caffeine withdrawal" is marked by headache beat, but the symptoms will disappear after 24-48 hours or get a new dose of caffeine.
  • Listen to the Response Body
Each person has their own restrictions on the consumption of caffeine. Most people can consume 2 cups coffee a day without problems. However, there are the bad effects of coffee consumption, the amount of the same. It's a telling stories after drinking a cup of coffee can not be sleeping through the night, otherwise there is a fall asleep after drinking coffee. So, the best way to listen to the response is the body itself!
  • Know Caffeine Gynecology
After knowing dose and response body, it's good we know the actual caffeine in products that often our consumption.

For you who have experienced the negative impact of coffee drinks, you can change with a glass of orange juice, green vegetables, along with consumption of vitamin B6 and B12. The types of food and drink, this does not contain zinc and caffeine but high mineral, vitamin and folat acid. While vitamin B6, B12, and acid folat very influential in homosistein lower level in the body, so that coronary heart disease can be avoided.

Tips drinking coffee is good:
  1. Do not add too much sugar. Recommended if coffee feel bitter, you can add cream or milk. Bitter taste of coffee is not caused long. "Coffee roasting is good in it, feeling bitter only 15 seconds in the throat.
  2. Drinking coffee with cake.
  3. Swallow coffee such as wine. First kiss is flavor. Then do not be drunk when swallowed, but enjoy. Because I like that, the coffee it never smoking
  4. For sensitive to the caffeine, try to have a reduced degree decaf.

Ok, coffee mania, it's explanation on strengthening the confidence to keep your coffee is consumed. An important need in mind, keep in portion limits. Because that is certainly not excessive for good health. Enjoy coffee.

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